Sneak Peak At Halloween Horror Nights 2017’s Mazes

No one does Halloween celebrations better than the Americans, and no one in America does them better than Universal Studios.

I love me some of Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) – they know how to put on a show. Just walking around the park itself is a terrifying experience as you could be accosted by chainsaw maniacs, zombies and all sorts of gruesome and weird abominations. Scary music fills the air and fog bellows through the streets – the atmosphere is amazing and something any horror fan should experience at least once.

HHN Text

I’ve been lucky enough to go to three HHN over the last few years and always enjoy every second of it too. This year is the 27th year that Universal have been throwing their love letter to horror and the Halloween season. Often using famous horror icons and intellectual properties to scare the pants off anyone who dares to enter, they have also used completely original material thought up via the twisted minds at Universal Studios themselves. Plus the fact that Universal Studios is an actual, real working film studio where numerous films and TV shows are made – this means they can use props, make-up and even actors to add to the authenticity. This all makes up for one hell of a night.

As if just walking around the park itself was not scary enough – they also include interactive haunted houses or mazes based on famous movies and TV shows and thanks to the guys at we have footage of some of the mazes at this years HHN and I’m going to feature some of the better ones right here…

Titans of Terror

What do you get when you put  Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface all in one place? You get Titans of Terror. Walk around Elm Street, Crystal Lake and the home of one of the most twisted families of Texas.

American Horror Story: Roanoke

Based on the successful TV show, American Horror Story: Roanoke takes you on a journey trough a mysterious farmhouse owned by The Butcher who likes to sacrifice humans during the blood moon.

The Horrors of Blumhouse

Taking three films from the production studio Blumhouse – Sinister, Happy Death Day and The Purge all feature in this trifecta of terror.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Things get groovy as you walk through Ash’s trailer, his home town of Elk Grove and even the infamous cabin fending off Deadites from The Evil Dead movies with this maze inspired by the OTT and kick-ass TV show.

The Shining

Based on one of my all time favourite movies, Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation of the Stephen King novel, The Shining. Walk around the terrifying Overlook Hotel being haunted by ghosts and descend into madness along with Jack Torrance himself, walk through room 237 and even the iconic hedge-maze from the finale. “Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”

Those were just a taste of what this year’s HHN has to offer and a few of the mazes you can expect to scare the brown stuff out of you if you are lucky enough to go. Again, massive thanks to for the videos and please check out their YouTube channel for more HHN maze and attraction videos.

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