Ghostbusters: Battle For New York

Ghostbusters is a classic film and a fond favourite of millions of people around the world for decades – so why has there never been a Ghostbusters themed theme park attraction until now?

Ghostbusters Ride

A theme park in Dubai called Motiongate has its very own ride inspired by the blockbuster hit movie. Ghostbusters: Battle For New York is an interactive shooting ride very similar to the Toy Story Mania ride at Disney. You sit in a car armed with a gun and shoot at numerous screens to get a high score. The ride features famous scenes taken directly from the movie such as the battle against Gozer the Gozerian and even good ole Stay Pufft Marshmallow Man himself.

You can check out the ride bellow.

It doesn’t look as immersive or as fun as the Toy Story Mania ride (which is cracking fun) – but at least there now is a Ghostbusters themed attraction… three decades too late.

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