The Incredible Hulk

One of my all time favourite coasters – though last time I went to Orlando and Universal Studios, it was at the back end of a refurbishment. The Incredible Hulk re-opened just a few weeks after we left, so I didn’t get chance to ride this beast in its new state… but I’ll be back.


The Stats

Length: 3,700 ft, Height: 110 ft, Drop: 105 ft, Inversions: 7, Speed: 67 mph, Duration: 2:15, G-Force: 4.0, Max Acceleration: 0 – 40 mph in 2.0s, Elements: 150 ft long Tunnel, Propelled Launch, Zero-G Roll, Cobra Roll, Loop, Corkscrew, Block Brake Stations, Corkscrew, Capacity: 1,920 riders per hour.

The Ride

Set in the Marvel Super Hero Island section of the Islands of Adventure park at Universal Studios Florida. This big green monster is one of the best coasters I have experienced – though I have only been on it (many, many times) pre-refurbishment and to be honest, it could be a little rough on the back of the neck. Now – the track has been replaced and also features new cars which are supposed to provide a much smoother ride experience. The queuing line and story have also been renewed and updated. Its a fast bastard where you will go from 0 to 4gs (good name for a blog…) in seconds thanks to the tire propelled launch system.


Originally opened on the 28th May, 1999 before it closed for refurbishment in 2015 to re-open in 2016. The Incredible Hulk has been well received and was was voted the #1 roller coaster by Discovery Channel viewers in its debut year.

Check out the video bellow for a front seat, POV ride experience thanks to He Who Angers You over on YouTube.

If you ever get the chance to experience this one – I highly recommend it for coaster fans, though it can be too intense for the inexperienced rider.


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